Austin Texas, though I served 14 intermittent years in Houston.
Previous Projects:

Three Day Stubble, Floating Orb Of Cosmic Disarray, Origami Electroshock Architecture, MissHappenstance, Shamanic Depression, Rainshine.

Primary influences:





The Beatles; The Grateful Dead; Frank Zappa; Phish; King Crimson; Pink Floyd; Gabrielsis; Yes; Miles Davis; Charles Mingus; John Coltrane; Sun Ra; Buckethead; Funkadelic; Bernie Worrell; The Meters; The Greyboy Allstars; Bob Marley; Bob Dylan; Talking Heads; Ray Charles; Led Zeppelin; The Who; David Bowie; Elvis Costello; Tom Waits; Beck; Neil Young; Les Claypool; Brian Eno; Tool; Radiohead; The Residents; Devo; They Might Be Giants; Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood; Charlie Hunter; Galactic; String Cheese Incident; Béla Fleck & The Flecktones; New Monsoon; Tortoise; Gang Of Four; Soundgarden; XTC; U2; SRV; Praxis; Primus; Drums & Tuba; Rasputina; Johnny Cash; Tori Amos; Kate Bush; Faust; Can; Ash Ra Tempel; Agitation Free; Gong; Henry Cow; Fishbone; The Butthole Surfers; The Stooges; Ween...
The top of the list of Producers I would love to work with someday:
Daniel Lanois; Brian Eno; Bill Laswell; Andy Partridge; Todd Rundgren; Stewart Copeland; Peter Gabriel; John Paul Jones; Pete Townshand; Adrian Belew.
Cats, two: Echo and Eno.

Favorite astronomical phenomena:

1. Mothership Earth.
2. The cosmic coincidence that the Sun and Moon appear at the exact same diameter from our vantage point, even though they are vastly different in size and distances from us.
3. Collision of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 into Jupiter.
4. The face on Mars.
5. Asteroid ZappaFrank.
6. The Eskimo Nebula.
7. The Chronosynclastic Infundibulum.
8. Orion’s left nipple.

Purpose in life:

To make love, as in create more love in the world. Either that or accumulate debt. I'm not quite sure which. Ask me again later.
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